February 2014  Death of Stuart Hall. Tributes from members of the Raymond Williams Society.

September 2013  Raymond Williams, John Logie Baird: Television, Technology and Cultural Form, University of Brighton in Hastings.

October 2011  Day School on People of the Black Mountains, Priory Centre, Monk Street, Abergavenny. Speakers: Professor Simon Dentith (Reading University), Dr Elizabeth Allen (Regent’s College, London). Panel on Remembering Raymond Williams: Simon Dentith, Stan Smith, Derek Tatton. This event was supported by the Raymond Williams Society, the Raymond Williams Foundation and Regent’s College London.

September 2011  Raymond Williams and Robert Tressell in Hastings: celebrating 50 years of The Long Revolution and the Centenary of The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists. This event was organised by the University of Brighton in Hastings, and sponsored by the Raymond Williams Society.

February 2011  SEA/RWF Day School: Politicians, Education and Equality, Barlaston.

November 2010  E.P. Thompson Memorial Lecture: ‘E.P. Thompson and the Making of the Modern University’, by Professor Merfyn Jones, Vice Chancellor of Bangor University

September 2010  ‘Fiction as Criticism: Criticism as a Whole Way of Life’ – Tokyo Conference on Raymond Williams. Report by Tony Pinkney.

May 2010  Towards 2020: 22nd Annual Raymond Williams Weekend. In association with the WEA and the Raymond Williams Foundation. Course Co-ordinator: Derek Tatton.

May 2010  Annual Postgraduate Symposium: ‘Framing the Self: Anxieties of Identity in Literature and Culture, 1800 to the present day’. Keynote Speaker, Dr Sarah Churchwell, University of East Anglia.

January 2010: SOCRATES: A weekend course organised by the Raymond Williams Foundation and the WEA , in association with Burton Manor, and with links to Open Democracy Discussion Circles and Philosophy in Pubs. Supported and subsidised by the Government’s Learning Revolution Transformation Fund.

October 2009  E.P. Thompson Memorial Lecture, ‘The Necessary Englishman: the moral importance of E.P. Thompson’, Kingswood School Theatre, Bath.  Speaker: Fred Inglis, Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies, University of Sheffield

August 2009  Great Lives: John Cornford. Matthew Paris presents the biographical series in which his guests choose someone who has inspired their lives. George Galloway chooses British poet and political activist John Cornford, who died at the age of 21 fighting fascism in the Spanish Civil War. Professor Stan Smith joins in the discussion. Listen again on BBC iPlayer.

July 2009  Richard Hoggart: Culture and Critique, Leeds Metropolitan University

May 2009  Raymond Williams Conference, University of Ottawa, Canada