Michael Denning’s Raymond Williams Society Annual Lecture – Podcast

On the Raymond Williams Society blog this month we have a podcast of Michael Denning’s Raymond Williams Society Annual Lecture, delivered on 7th March 2018 at Cross Street Unitarian Chapel, Manchester. During a fascinating hour-long talk, titled ‘Laboring Life: Reconsidering the Meanings of Work’, Michael discusses, amongst other topics, critical theories of work, social labour, Kathi Weeks, Marxist concepts of life, the antinomies of work, biocapital, the life sciences, André Gorz, Homer Simpson, the fetishisation of service labour, the service industry as servitude, Jin-kyung Lee, and the new economy of care.

Many thanks to Elinor Taylor (RWS Executive Committee) for her work and expertise in recording and producing this podcast.

There is a brief introduction by RWS Chair Kristin Ewins followed by a longer introduction by Ben Harker (Key Words).

Listen here:

Denning lectureRWS Chair Kristin Ewins introduces Michael Denning at Cross St Unitarian Chapel.