Podcast – Raymond Williams Society Annual Lecture by David Wilkinson

On the first Raymond Williams Society blog of 2020 we have a podcast of David Wilkinson’s Raymond Williams Society Annual Lecture, delivered on 20th November last year at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester.

During an engaging hour-long talk, titled ‘”The Dropouts Are Anticipating Future Economic Policy”: Work, Class, and Countercultural Legacies’, David discussed, amongst other topics, automation and post-work, contemporary left imaginaries, Viz, the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, and offered readings of the British underground countercultural press, Playpower by Richard Neville, Shelagh Delaney’s Charlie Bubbles (starring and directed by Albert Finney), and Sum Total by Ray Gosling.

There is a brief introduction by Raymond Williams Society and Key Words board member David Alderson.

David Wilkinson (pictured above) is lecturer in English at Manchester Metropolitan University and author of Post-Punk, Politics and Pleasure in Britain (Palgrave Macmillan).

Listen here:

The lecture was kindly supported by CIDRAL at the University of Manchester.