New Raymond Williams Resources

As Raymond Williams’s centenary year approaches in August, a number of new online resources have been released. The society has recently launched a YouTube channel to make Williams archive videos freely available, our friends at the Raymond Williams Foundation have started publishing a series of Williams ‘explainers’, and a new lecture has just been added to the SoundCloud page of Williams lectures.

Check out the YouTube channel here. It includes discussions of D. H. Lawrence and William Shakespeare as well as Williams discussing his 1985 novel ‘Loyalties’ and a 1990 Channel 4 documentary of his life. There’s also this video of Williams, with Stuart Hall, on George Orwell:

Although the original Raymond Williams Tapes project has now finished, a newly discovered lecture recording has just been uploaded to our SoundCloud page. Listen to Williams on ‘Representative Democracy’, a talk given in Colchester in 1980 as a Co-operative Lecture:

And the Raymond Williams Foundation (RWF) has launched it’s new website, with a rich array of resources, including interviews with Williams’s family and those who knew him alongside the first batch of explainers into key aspects of his work. Check out the website here. And listen to one of the explainers, ‘Resources of Hope from the Archive: An Introduction to Raymond Williams’, on the RWF SoundCloud: