An Interview with Michael Denning

Welcome to February’s instalment of the Raymond Williams Society blog. Apologies for the delay! This month we have an interview with the renowned cultural historian Michael Denning on the influence and importance of Williams ahead of Michael’s Raymond Williams Society Annual Lecture on Wednesday 7th March at 5pm in Cross Street Unitarian Chapel, Manchester, UK. Michael is Professor of American Studies at Yale University and the author of Mechanic Accents (1987), The Cultural Front (1997), Culture in the Age of Three Worlds (2004), and Noise Uprising (2015). He will deliver his RWS lecture on ‘Laboring Life: Reconsidering the Meanings of Work’ and will be presenting research from his forthcoming book The Accumulation of Labor.

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Reflections on Raymond Williams – Part Two

Welcome to the second instalment of reflections on Raymond Williams to mark 30 years to the day (26 January 1988) since his death. Part One can be found hereTerry Eagleton is the first of three to offer a personal account of knowing or working with Williams as a student while two younger academics, Daniel Hartley and Jacob Soule, suggest important ways in which Williams’ thinking can be adapted for the twenty-first century.


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Reflections on Raymond Williams – Part One

Welcome to the first of two collected reflections on Raymond Williams to mark 30 years since his death on 26 January 1988. To begin, Patrick Parrinder offers an edited version of a longer diary piece he wrote for the London Review of Books in February 1988. He is the first of six contributors who knew Williams. There are also four contributions from those who didn’t but whose work continues to be shaped and informed by Williams’ modes of critique. Taken together, these reflections offer personal insights into the life of Raymond Williams as an intellectual and teacher as well as marking a point at which, to paraphrase Towards 2000, we can reflect, look forward, and try to see where we are.

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Raymond Williams Society Blog 2018

We are launching a new monthly blog on January 26th 2018, 30 years since the death of Raymond Williams. The blog will be hosted on this page; you can also receive the posts direct to your inbox by entering your email address in the pop-up ‘Follow’ tab at the bottom right of this screen.

To contact blog editor Phil O’Brien email

All announcements and events will now be posted under the ‘News’ tab where recent posts have been archived.


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